The secrets of a noble japanese fish

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The secrets of a noble japanese fish

” Bluefin tuna is appreciated by everyone thanks to its delicious flavour and versatility in the kitchen. This makes it with non doubt the most loved fish by japanese people especially in the traditional Izakaya taverns.”

Bluefin tuna in Japan

Everyone knows that in the japanese cuisine the bluefin tuna is a fish of high importance. In Japanese language, maguro is part of the everyday diet, and takes part in every kind of recipe, from home made cooking to restaurants. Why the tuna? This fish is loved by everyone in the world, thanks to its delicious flavour and versatility. It can be used in the cuisine at 360-degree horizon, and it’s the most precious kind ingredient used for sushi and other specialities. The quality of every single restaurant in Japan is measured by critics and clients according to the quality of the maguro used in the recipes. Even the cut of this fine fish is a long and complex procedure, that has to be done with commitment, passion and precision. Not everyone know that the bluefin tuna is not just consumed as sushi, but is for sure the most cooked and eaten ingredient by japanese people especially in the traditional Izakaya-styled taverns.

A high-quality fish

The quality and the price of  japanese Bluefin Tuna depends on the percentage of fat inside its flesh, an aspect that gives to the fish itself flavour and an unique consistency. The three different grades of the bluefin tuna are: akami, toro and otoro. At Izakaya Il Cuore we are very familiar with each part of this precious fish and we present them day by day on our Izakaya menu in Florence. If you are curious to know more about each cut, we unravel the characteristics of every part of the Bluefin tuna that you will be able to find on our daily menu.

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Akami maguro: the lean part

This is the leanest part of the tuna, the filet. All of the mighty sushi masters know that the Akami is the cut where the real flavour of this fish stands out especially when it’s raw. Very popular in the japanese cuisine and used for a lot of different dishes and culinary preparations. You will be able to recognize it by sight thanks to it’s bright red colour that makes is unique in its kind.

Chu-Toro: the tuna that disolves in your mouth

This kind of tuna presents a fat quantity that makes it perfect to be eaten as nigiri and sashimi. A very gentle flavour that melts in your mouth, with a background taste of nuts and dried fruit. Very famous and loved by every japanese person, the Toro is well matched with wasabi, which makes it well balanced and enhances its most hidden flavours. Even if you are not big lovers of fish, you will not fail to appreciate it at your first bite!

Otoro: The most precious part

Here we are at our favourite! Otoro is the tuna belly, that we all know very well at Izakaya Il Cuore. This part is the most precious and famous in the world, thanks to its immersive taste, butterly consistency that melts immediately on your tongue. This is the epitome of the sashimi, an unique sensorial experience. At  Il Cuore of Florence, we recomend you to taste it pure, with no wasabi or soy sauce combined, to be able to see the Paradise with just one bite. After tasting it what should you do? Drink a glass of sake of course! Come and meet us in Via Romana 123/R in Florence, to enjoy together with us the delicious dishes cooked by our japanese chef Ryusuke Ota.