Ramen: The heart of an authentic Japan

ramen di ristorante il cuore a firenze

Ramen: The heart of an authentic Japan

“Not all chefs are the right ones to cook a Ramen. This dish requires patience and devotion, head and most of all heart.”

Ramen noodles in Japan

With no doubt Ramen dish is today the most iconic element of the japanese culture. Historically was imported from China, but this speciality became troughout centuries the symbol of Japan. The word “Ramen” is in fact a japanese distortion from the chinese word “lamian” which means “hand-made noodles”, or just the commonly Noodles. So if you think that inside japanese taverns you just eat sushi, you are wrong! Japanese Ramen is an extremly complex dish that holds the whole spirit of Japan. It’s composed by broth, noodles and toppings like egg, shiitake mushrooms, roasted porl and  nori seaweed. In the Land of the Rising Sun eating this delicious meal is part of the everyday life of all japanese people. The taverns and restaurants in japane offer a various combinations of ingredients and flavors, always keeping the stock recipe unique and secret through family generations.

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The difference between Sushi and Ramen

In Italy and in Florence sushi is often seen as the main and only dish from japanese cuisine. Undoubtly it holds in itself the aesthetic sense and the strong and balanced flavors. Altough Japan is not only sushi. The preparation of Ramen needs on the other hand passion, study and experience. The secret is inside the broth, that needs very long cooking timings, and in the matching of the various ingredients. Not all chefs are the right ones to be able to cook a Ramen. This dish is made by patience and devotion, head and most of all heart.

The Fifth Taste at Il Cuore Florence

The four primary flavors are very easy to identify. Identifying the Umami, the fifth taste, is on the other hand very complex, because it includes all of them together. Umami unfolds inside a Ramen dish. Are you ready to discover it with us? Izakaya Il Cuore, as every authentic japanese tavern offers you it’s own personal recipe of this fantastic and ancient speciality. Our chef Ryusuke Ota is ready to make you taste the best Ramen in Florence. You can find us in via Romana 123/R, not far away from Pitti square in Florence. Itadakimasu!