Our Philosophy

The authentic taste of Japan”

Our typical Japanese cuisine is prepared by our Japanese cooks and is served by our Japanese servers.

Authenticity is our mission.

Philosophy of Il Cuore restaurant

Il Cuore brings the flavours and rituals of Japanese cuisine to Florence. Rich in history and made with typical ingredients, traditional cuisine, is elevated through the use of the best ingredients and the knowledge to make them the focus of the dish.

Discover our dishes in our to tasting menus studied in order for you to experience Keiseki.

Discovering new and unexpected flavours

Everything from the entrance of the restaurants to the gastronomic journey take the diner to experience a moment of Japanese tradition. Kaiseki is probably the best way to to understand the essence of Il Cuore restaurant. Accompany the main dishes of the tasting menu are also so regular menu items will be a our sommelier which will guide you between the flavours of Italy and Japan.