Our Chef specialized in cooking meat

piatto di carne giapponese ristorante izkaya il cuore firenze

Our Chef specialized in cooking meat

“Thanks to his multiannual experience in Izakaya styled cooking, our Chef Ryusuke Ota reunites through his dishes the real japanese essence with the florentine one. Specialized most of all in the preparation and cooking of premium-quality meat and fish, always stays loyal to the culinary traditions of Japan.”

Il Cuore tavern is reborn

Izakaya styled tavern Il Cuore welcomes the chef Ryusuke Ota in it’s kitchen, skilled and famous for his mastry in japanese traditional cuisine. The new menu of Il Cuore offers a big choice of traditional dishes, authentically japanese and IZakaya-styled. High quality sashimi and the best meats cooked in japanese style all to be matched to wine, beer and sake, to savour the most traditional japanese flavours.

The background of the chef Ryusuke Ota

Ryusuke Ota has acquired multiannual experience as a chef in Japan in the Izakaya taverns for over 10 years. After that, moving to Italy, he worked for one of the most famous and important kitchens in the center of Florence for over 4 years, gaining manual skills and specializing in the processing of the best premium-quality meats. These experiences allow him to perfectly put together, through his cuisine, the Japanese essence and the Florentine one. His creations will make you live an unique and unforgetable moment.

ciotola carne giapponese dello chef ryusuke ota ristorante il cuore firenze

The japanese chef that was missing in Florence

Engaged in dedicating his heart to his cuisine, the developed the skills to process also the most famous beef meat in the world: The Wagyu meat from Kobe. As all the real japanese gourmet experts, chef Ryusuke knows that the “perfect meat steak should be able to be cut with chopsticks”. This is why in the kitchen patience and devotion are required, so that every single ingredient in the dish can contribute to enhance the flavour of the main one. Each element gets perfectly balanced in an incredible equilibrium of taste, and after trying his authentic creations, it will be difficult for you to want to eat in another japanese restaurant.

If you are curious to try his dishes and you are in Florence, the chef’s kitchen brigade and all the japanese staff welcomes you in Via Romana 123R, at Il Cuore taver Izakaya styled. Our menu is ready to satisfy every kind of need and palate!