Not Only Sushi In Florence

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Not Only Sushi In Florence

“Besides the sushi, the gastronomy of the Land of The Rising Sun holds an endless variety of  delicious and unique dishes. At Izakaya Il Cuore you will be able to savour an attentive selection of high-quality meat, all cooked  following traditional japanese recipes.”

In the city of Florence the Japanese offer is in growth

Not only sushi, sashimi, tempura or ramen. The real japanese cuisine is much more than this, a ritual between the flavor, the beauty and the colors. Fish is for sure basic, together with the rice and noodles! A must-have are the soba and udon, respectively buckwheat and softwheat noodles. All kinds of soup, vegetables and meat like pork, chicken and beef. Sushi is for sure very famous in Japan, but traditionally considered a “luxury food”, related to special occasions. In the japanese daily diet there are differend kinds of specialities, the gastronomy of the Land of The Rising Sun has an endless variety of delicious and unique dishes.

piatto giapponese alternativo al sushi ristorante il cuore firenze


Our culinary proposal

Our chef offers an Izakaya styled cuisine, and has acquired professional experience in processing the finest tuscan meats. Izakaya Il Cuore is surely careful in the selection of the best fish and the highest quality of meat, only using the most safe cuts of meat and the top quality fresh seafood. The selection of  Il Cuore in the city of Florence includes many dishes of the japanese tradition, inside a minimal and intimate background. At our Izakaya Il Cuore you will be able to taste in fact, a lot of fabulous dishes and just one small part of the menu is related to the fish; japanese cooking is actually very diversified and refined and therefore involves excellent cuts of meat and seasonal vegetables both elegantly and masterfully processed. In addition, during meals a must-have are for sure the beer (of the best japanese brands), wine, sake or shochu imported directly from Japan.

Sushi and Japanese cuisine

In our Izakaya styled tavern Il Cuore everything speaks about Japan. The atmosphere, the staff, the dishes on the menu and the chef. We transform the making of every dish in our personal mission; we first want to amaze the sight of whoever is going to taste, then the sense of smell with fine and authentic scents, and finally the palate. Every single preparation tries to be the perfect balance between flavour and lightness. Periodically check our menu page, every month we will vary it together with passing of the seasons. We still reccomend you to try our sushi and sashimi, together with the dishes that you prefer the most, because we assure you, that after just one experience passed in our tavern, you will have a hard time to eat in a different japanese restaurant in Florence.