Menu alla carta


Assorted appetizers: tasting 5 daily specials (for a person) 8

Edamame Green soybeens 3.5

Edamame peperoncino Green soybeens peperoncino 3.5

Sunomono Vinegared dish 4

Dashimaki tamago Japanese rolled omelette 5

ShimesabaMarinated Mackerel 7

KakuniSweet and tender simmered pork 7

Karaage  Fried chicken in japanese style 7

Boiled seasonal vegetables with miso and butter sauce 8

Tsukune Chicken meat ball with Teriyaki sauce 8

Buta no saikyo yaki Grilled marinated pork with saikyo miso 9.5

Neghishio gyutan Beef tongue with green onion seasoning 9.5

Yaki udon Grilled japanese noodles 12


Riso e zuppa

Mini – buta don Rice bowl with pork 12

Mini – Wagyu don Rice bowl wiyh japanese beef 16

Gomoku chirashi zushi Rice bowl with raw fish 13

White rice 3.5 €

Japanese special daily soup 3.5 – 5



Broiled mackerel and seasonal fruit salads 8

Mix sald of begetable and raw fish with traditional japanese dressing 9



Assorted tempura 17


*Salmon (6pz) 7.5

*Sea bream (6pz) 8

*Bonitos (6pz) 9

*Red Tuna (6pz) 15

*Assorted sashimi 19


Homemade Dessert

Green tea ice cream 5

Yuzu sorbet 6 – (Mini size 3.5)

Soy milk and hoji tea panna cotta 4

Flamboise cake with formed chocolate 5

“Tengumai” japanese sake tart and cheese (done with yamahaijikomi, traditional over one century) 7.5

Matcha Tiramisù 6

Genmai green tea and azuki bean ceke with mandarin orange and sake compote 7


Cover charge 2.5 €


* Alimenti con possibile presenza di allergeni. Per ogni necessità chiedere al personale di sala.