Green soybeans 4

Green soybeans peperoncino 6

Assorted appetizers:tasting 3 daily specials(for a person) 10



Boiled green beans dressed with sesame paste 6

Boiled and seasoned eggplants with miso from Chef Ryusuke’s mom 6

Boiled seasonal vegetables with miso and butter sauce 9



Stewed tender beef tendon 7

Sweet and tender simmered pork 8

Grilled pork with potate and miso puree 12

Beef tongue with green onion seasoning 13



Deep-fried tofu in dashi broth 6

Japanese style fried chicken marinated with CHIANTI 8

Tempura vegetable 15

Assorted tempura 18


Marinated Mackerel 9

Salmon and kiwi salads 12



Assorted sashimi 15

Salmon (6pieces) 9

Sea bream (6pieces) 9


Special Temaki

Salmon (1piece) 8

Sea bream (1piece) 8



Kakuni(Sweet and tender simmered pork) with boiled cabagge rice bowl 15

Grilled japanese noodles 14

Dice of raw fish with daily ingredients rice bowl 15

Rice bowl with salmone 16

White rice (yumenishiki rice) 4

Miso soup 4


Homemade Dessert

Green tea ice cream 6

Yuzu sorbet 6

Soy milk and hoji tea panna cotta 6

DORAYAKI con red bean paste and custard cream 8

Matcha Tiramisù 7



Cover charge 2.5 €


* Foods with possible presence of allergens. For any need, ask the dining room staff.