Born as part of the tea ceremony it was originally a very simple meal to compliment the tea. Today in has evolved into to a series of more sophisticated plates paired with soccer that became part of Japanese tradition.

A traditional meal in Japanese cuisine.

In order to fully enjoy the taste of each plate, in fact the full tasting consist of at least eight plates with the goal of reaching the end of the meal with the right balance between fullness and lightness.


Typically Keiseki was offered at important dinners and banquets alongside sake. It was boring as part of a tea ceremony, it was originally a very simple meal to to pair with te. Over the years it developed into a more sophisticated meal consisting of richer plates to pair with sake becoming a Japanese culinary tradition in the process.

In Japanese culture it is considered a very special and expensive meal, although it has become more accessible in recent years. We feel that our menu and tasting options offer the right balance between accessibility and authenticity in Japanese cuisine.