Our Saketeca is inspired by the japanese Izakaya style: I (to sit), saka (to drink) and ya (shop). Litterally “a sake shop where you can sit”. It’s a place where you can confortably sit, and relax while you drink and eat delicious dishes of the japanese traditional cuisine…

Are you looking for a japanese tavern in Florence?

Our Saketeca is inspired by the japanese Izakaya style: I (to sit), saka (to drink) and ya (shop). Litterally “Sake shop where you can sit”. So what is in fact an Izakaya? Is it a restaurant? Much more than this. It’s a place where you can confortably sit down after a long day of work, totally relaxed, where you can drik sake together with lots of delicious plates of japanese traditional cuisine. Less formal and romantic than a restaurant, but with the same hospitality in typical japanese style.

A very cosy place where you can enjoy typical japanese dishes without necessarily having a proper dinner, but where you can also taste various types of japanese sake.

piatto di carne giapponese ristorante izkaya il cuore firenze

The idea behind the Saketeca – The Izakaya Style

In Japan, restaurants of this typology are very loved by local people. We are descovering a new aspect of the japanese culture: funny, lighthearted and most of all friendly. In Florence a very traditional thing is the happy hour; in Japan the daily life of people expresses itself mostly in the Izakaya taverns. Freely drinking with friends while savouring deliciously cooked food. It’s in fact very hard to describe the atmosphere of an Izakaya, but it is for sure one necessary experience to live to be able to really understand the core of Japan itself.

The Japanese tradition in the heart of Florence

We are looking forward in reproducing the same and exact typical atmosphere of our country precisely in the city of Florence. Tradition and hospitality are the watchwords of our Saketeca in Izakaya style. Our menu will offer you a wide choice of cured and marvolous dishes conceived to be combined with sake, wine or liquor, all of them strictly from Japan. You have no idea of which one to choose? Our Sommelier will guide you in your japanese taste experience. You have no idea what real sashimi tastes like if you haven’t yet eat it with the right liquor; an unreapeatable sensory experience. Kanpai!