Discovering Japanese Tempura

Tempura ristorante giapponese Il Cuore Firenze

Discovering Japanese Tempura

“We’re for sure talking about the most light and healthy fried dish between them all, definitely done with perfection. The Izakaya styled tavern Il Cuore, is revealing the secrets of this crispy and delicious japanese speciality.”

You surely have already heard about the famous and traditional japanese Tempura! It’s a very famous dish in Japan, made by fish or vegetables batter-covered and deep-fried. We’re undoubtly talking about the most light and healthy fried speciality between them all, definitely done with perfection.

A little bit of Tempura History

Tempura is a delicious dish born in Japan, altough the term “tempura” derives from Latin language “quattro tempora“. It’s a christian term that refers to that period of time where you abstain from eating meat for religious reasons, dedicating yourself to fish and vegetables. This word was born from the first encounters between japanese people and Missionary Christians coming from the western side of the world during the XVI Century; however this speciality is authentically japanese! Having these origins, it’s understandable why this dish is made with fish or vegetables, altough Izakaya Il Cuore tavern states that it can be done also with meat, even if this it’s a less comon choice.

piatto tempura giapponese ristorante il cuore firenze

Tempura: Simple but elaborate

Il Cuore tavern from Florence, unravels the basic secrets of this recipe, so that everyone can do it at home!

The traditional japanese Tempura recipe is made by very few ingredients: water, egg and flour. Despite sounding very simple actually to perform a perfect Tempura you need to follow some important rules so that it can result light, healthy and perfectly crunchy!

The original recipe requires you to mix rice flour, iced sparkling water and an egg to make the batter in which the chosen ingredients will be passed. Why iced sparkling water? Because the gas bubbles from the sparkling water help to make the batter more lightweight and foamy. Also the very low temperature of the water will increase the thermal shock while cooking your chosen ingredients, and will create a thin pellicle around them instantly. Last but not least: don’t mix too much the batter. A super granulous batter is going to make the final result more crispy! Afterwards fry and eat!

Our selection in Florence

If you find yourself in Florence and you want to try the real Tempura, cooked by our prestigious japanese chef Ruysuke Ota, you can find the Izakaya tavern Il Cuore in Via Romana 123R, not far away from Piazza de’ Pitti and the Pitti Palace. Our personal Tempura, crispy, light and perfectly cooked, will leave you impressed. If you will want to continue the meal, you will be able to take a glimpse to our traditional japanese menu. We include many other tempting specialities, all of them Izakaya styled! Off course everything can be matched with a nice glass of wine, beer or liquor imported directly from Japan!