A japanese meat recipe: Kakuni

A japanese meat recipe: Kakuni

“As we all know very well, the art of japanese cuisine requires patience, respect and devotion. To make every ingredient stand out, our chef Ryusuke Oya studies and improves the tecniques of a healthy and light japanese cuisine.

The meat that melts on your tongue

Izakaya Il Cuore Florence offers on the menu a very famous japanese dish based on meat, that is eaten everyday by all japanese people. As we already said, cooking in Japan is not just fish-based. Meat is a precious ingredient in the japanese culinary art, always present also in the home-made cuisine. Kakuni is what we call a braised pork bacon. This recipe is marked by long timings in preparation and cooking, with a delicious final result. The pork bacon needs to be cooked very slowly, until it becomes tender, juicy and full of Umami, the fifth flavour.

piatto kakuni giapponese carne di maiale ristorante il cuore firenze

The ingredients for the recipe

To boil the pork bacon and make it fill up with the traditional japanese flavours, you need to use ingredients like soy sauce, mirin, gigner radice, spring onion and our ever present and loved sake. Always put together with theese ingredients a bit of sugar, to be able to balance the taste and the sapidity of the soy sauce. This is how the fifth flavour comes out, a very well known and characteristic taste of the japanese authentic cuisine. The bacon is famous to be the most fat part of pork meat. No fear, the long cooking timings and the careful choice of ingredients, will riduce at it’s minimum the quantity of fat of the final dish. This makes Kakuni a meat-based, lightweight and most of all healthy speciality.

Patience and devotion at our Izakaya in Florence

To cook this authentic japanese recipe, about two hours of boiling are required. As we well know, the art of japanese cuisine needs pasion, respect and devotion. To enhance as it’s best every taste of all the ingredients, our chef Ryusuke Ota dedicates his time every single day to study and perfection the dishes of our menu. At Izakaya Il Cuore tradition and quality are the keywords.