Il Cuore restaurant proposes traditional Japanese taking you on a sensory journey through your eyes nose and palae.

Ingredients of the highest quality are carefully selected for their characteristics, offering an authentic experience.

Our recipes are developed folowing Japanese traditions, which highlight the characteristics of the main ingredient.

Izakaya is the Japanese representation of the aperitif or dinner to be enjoyed and sipping a sake, a wine or a beer.

A sensory experience that takes us to far away places close to familiar concept of good taste and cuisine. Discover how the idea of Il Cuore was born.

Discover the most authentic taste of Japan.

A japanese meat recipe: Kakuni

“As we all know very well, the art of japanese cuisine requires patience, respect and devotion. To make every ingredient stand out, our chef Ryusuke Oya studies and improves the tecniques of a healthy and light japanese cuisine.“ The meat that melts on your tongue…

The art of Japanese Origami

“Izakaya Il Cuore knows very well that every little thing needs devotion and patience to be performed at it’s best. As it is for the hand-made origami, also for the japanese cuisine and the warm hospitality towards our guests.” Origami art in Japan The word…

Discovering Japanese Tempura

“We’re for sure talking about the most light and healthy fried dish between them all, definitely done with perfection. The Izakaya styled tavern Il Cuore, is revealing the secrets of this crispy and delicious japanese speciality.” You surely have already heard about the famous and…

Taste the real Japanese takeout experience

Taste the real Japanese takeout experience

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