Il Cuore restaurant proposes traditional Japanese taking you on a sensory journey through your eyes nose and palae.

Ingredients of the highest quality are carefully selected for their characteristics, offering an authentic experience.

Our recipes are developed folowing Japanese traditions, which highlight the characteristics of the main ingredient.

Izakaya is the Japanese representation of the aperitif or dinner to be enjoyed and sipping a sake, a wine or a beer.

A sensory experience that takes us to far away places close to familiar concept of good taste and cuisine. Discover how the idea of Il Cuore was born.

Discover the most authentic taste of Japan.

Ricetta di carne giapponese: Kakuni

“Come ben sappiamo, l’arte culinaria giapponese richiede pazienza, rispetto e dedizione. Per far risaltare al meglio il sapore di ogni ingrediente, il nostro chef giapponese Ryusuke Ota studia e perfeziona le tecniche di una cucina giapponese leggera e salutare.” Una carne che si scioglie in…

Ramen: The heart of an authentic Japan

“Not all chefs are the right ones to cook a Ramen. This dish requires patience and devotion, head and most of all heart.” Ramen noodles in Japan With no doubt Ramen dish is today the most iconic element of the japanese culture. Historically was imported…

Temaki: a traditional and practical sushi

“For japanese people, Temaki sushi represents a complete meal, rich in taste, healthy and substantial. In every-day life, thanks to it’s practical shape allows you to eat is quickly during lunch breaks from work or while you walk down the city streets.” The most ancient…